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Flickinger Wines Storage: Adding and Removing Wines

Inventory updated: Mon, Jun 17, 2019 04:02 PM cst

The Process

Adding and Removing Wines

Storage Fees

Adding and Removing Wines

Adding Wine to your Storage Account

  • For your initial movement of wine to your account, as well as for subsequent collections to be made by Flickinger, call us at 312-471-9463 to make arrangements.
  • When you purchase wine from Flickinger, you can select "Add to Flickinger storage" at checkout for your shipping option.
  • You can arrange directly with other merchants or wineries to ship your purchases directly to our warehouse, or you may receive them elsewhere and drop them at our warehouse yourself.
  • For wines shipped directly to Flickinger, please address the wine to yourself at "Flickinger Wine Storage, 1600 South Stewart Avenue, Chicago IL 60616".
  • The tracking number generated by the winery/vendor shipping the wine will alert you to its arrival at our warehouse; we will not send a separate confirmation of receipt.
  • The time required to inventory your new arrival varies based on quantity of wine received, and the time of year it arrives. Arrivals during peak spring and fall shipping seasons will require more time to inventory than arrivals coming outside those peak periods.

Removing Wine from Storage

  • You can either arrange local/national/international delivery of your wines through us, or you can pick up your wine in person at our warehouse. Your personal web page will be updated to reflect the withdrawal.