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Inventory updated: Wed, Aug 21, 2019 04:34 PM cst

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Regions: Madeira & Sherry
Vintages: Between NV and NV


Producer Vint. Wine Price Qty Order
 Madeira & Sherry
Barbeito NV Malvasia Ribeiro Real 20 Year Madeira $189 2
H. M. Borges NV 10-year old Boal Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 25
NV 10-year old Malmsey Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 27
NV 10-year old Sercial Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 17
NV 10-year old Verdelho Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 13
NV 15-year old Boal Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 31
NV 15-year old Malmsey Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 21
NV 15-year old Sercial Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 30
NV 15-year old Verdelho Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 30
NV 20-year old Malvasia Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2017 $79.99 52
NV 20-year old Verdelho Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2011 $89.99 23
NV 30-year old Malvasia Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2015 $119 37
NV 5-year old Reserve Dry Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 26
NV 5-year old Reserve Medium Dry Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 31
NV 5-year old Reserve Medium Sweet Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 31
NV 5-year old Reserve Sweet Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 34
Bodegas Tradicion NV Amontillado (30 years) $69.89 5
NV Fino Viejo $35.54 6
NV Oloroso (30 years) $68.89 5
NV Palo Cortado (30 years) $86.57 5


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