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Inventory updated: Mon, Jul 06, 2020 04:02 PM cst

H.M. Borges Madeira

Today we are pleased to highlight our inventory of one of Madeira's great shippers, H.M Borges. One of only seven remaining shippers on the island, it was founded in 1877 by Henriques Menezes Borges, a passionate connoisseur and collector of the island's wines, and is today run by the fourth generation of the Borges family, the cousins Maria Isabel and Maria Helena. The house style of each shipper is apparent in the ranges of wines of determined minimum ages (5, 10, 15 and 20 year-old etc.), and through tasting these ranges you can tell that the Borges wines tend towards the slightly richer side of the spectrum for each grape. There is also a strong sense of tradition here, with most wines showing considerable concentration alongside vibrant balancing acidity that nicely balances their richness.

The following are the wines remaining from the offer sent on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Please enter your desired quantities and click the 'Add' button.


Producer Vint. Wine Price Qty Order
 Madeira & Sherry
H. M. Borges NV 10-year old Boal Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 25
NV 10-year old Malmsey Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 25
NV 10-year old Sercial Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 7
NV 10-year old Verdelho Reserva Madeira Ex-Domaine $39.99 12
NV 15-year old Boal Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 29
NV 15-year old Malmsey Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 13
NV 15-year old Sercial Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 26
NV 15-year old Verdelho Madeira Ex-Domaine $59.99 25
NV 20-year old Malvasia Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2017 $79.99 36
NV 20-year old Verdelho Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2011 $79.99 21
NV 30-year old Malvasia Madeira Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2015 $119 33
NV 5-year old Reserve Dry Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 26
NV 5-year old Reserve Medium Dry Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 28
NV 5-year old Reserve Medium Sweet Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 29
NV 5-year old Reserve Sweet Madeira Ex-Domaine $21.99 34
1977 Bual Madeira Ex-Domaine $179 36
1979 Sercial Madeira Ex-Domaine $219 36
2005 Tinta Negra Colheita Madeira (500 ML) Ex-Domaine; Bottled 2017 $44.99 34